The Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Installing a solar energy solution comes with several benefits. This is for commercial users as well as for the residential users. The benefits of solar panel system include reduced utility bills increased home value as well as environmental benefits of installing solar solutions. In this article, we delve into the environmental benefits of solar energy system. Does this sound interesting? Well then, let us see.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Fossil fuel electricity production has led to an increased carbon emission. This has had a momentous impact since the onset of climate change. Governments are determined to reduce this carbon emission and one approach is mitigation of fossil fuel electricity production. This is where the need to switch to solar energy plays a huge impact. Installing a residential solar energy system that can power the entire home will lower carbon emissions by about 80%. This has a huge impact on the environment.

A 2013 study showed that 0.9% of California households had installed solar system. The study showed that about 60% more households needed to install solar energy to reduce the carbon emissions by the year 2020. Therefore, if we installed more solar panels, it will leave a significant reduction of global warming as well as the urban heat island. Solar energy will simply reduce the use of fossil fuels and hence reduced carbon emissions.

Solar Energy for Reduced Water Usage

A photovoltaic solar panel system is installed on the roof, uses no water to generate electricity. In fact, the only instance you need water is when you have to clean the panels to improve their efficiency. Therefore, in usage of solar energy systems, we can say that it is a path for reducing water usage for production of energy. Consider that the electricity sector is the largest withdrawer of freshwater. This is not in hydrothermal power production, but also cooling in alternative power plants. In that regard, switching to solar energy reduces the need for using water in generating electricity.

Solar Energy for Improved Public Health

Did you know that use of solar panels to generate energy has a significant impact on public health? In other words, switching to solar energy means a healthier nation! Consider the above two benefits of solar energy. Reduced carbon emission and reduced water usage. Carbon emission means contamination of the air we breathe. Increased usage of water in hydro-power production and cooling power plants means contaminated water. The contaminated water is unfit for human consumption. Therefore, by reducing carbon emission and water usage through use of solar energy we will have a healthier nation. This is good for the economy since we have more productivity at work and reduced absenteeism.

Solar panel systems have a positive impact on the environment. For this impact to become significant, it is important that nations encourage installation of solar energy systems. Switch to solar energy today for a better and sustainable environment.

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