Residential solar installation

The city of Fresno gets over 350 days of the sunshine in the year, when your solar energy can power your home then why to pay electricity bills. You can get as many advantages from solar energy as you can for your home. The solar energy system energizes your living place with clean, natural and renewable energy. Installing a residential solar energy system at your home can lock your electricity bill cost at least for 20 years. Hire MNS Solar Panel Builders for solar installation and reduce electricity bill up to 50 percent.

We offer warranty

Our team is sure about our residential solar installation services that our company provides 8 years installation workmanship warranty and 20 years of warranty on solar panels.

Animal guard

All our company’s residential solar panels equipped with an animal guard, so that to protect your solar panel from birds, rodents, squirrels and another animal.

Installation and designs

Repair and replacement of the resident solar panel

Call MNS Solar Panel Builders for inspection. We offer repair services for damage solar panels. Our team can deal with any solar energy system whether our company installed it or not. We have several years of experience in solar energy system repairing; it is the reason, our team can handle any solar panel repair job efficiently.

Began the project

After this, we start working on the solar installation project of your home. After fast and quality installation, your system will hook up with grid and will start generating energy.

We visit your residential area

Once you approach us for solar installation, our highly qualified and experienced solar installer visit your residential areas, inspect the area and draft the system design, that will maximize the solar energy power output but also the compliment your home.

Finalized the designs

Before proceeding with the installation, we finalize the solar panel design with you after that our company files for import permits from the power companies and government.

Fresno top quality installation of the solar energy 

MNS Solar Panel Builders are devoted to bringing suitable and clean energy solutions to Fresno. Delivering top quality installation of solar energy panels, best customer service, and impeccable craftsmanship is our company’s commitment to every client.

Residential solar installation financing

Our motto is to introduce solar energy system in every house in Fresno, for this purpose we have an affordable process for solar energy system installation. We offer various residential solar installation financing options to our customer. To learn more about residential solar installation financing call us: (559)751-0055