Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Professional Service for Big or Small businesses

The quality of service and products is maintained for all clients. We deliver the same exceptional services to our local small businesses as we do to industry giants.

The electricity costs are sky high in commercial buildings. It is something that business owners cannot avoid. Because of the positive use of electric energy in commercial buildings, more business owners are showing interest in Solar System Installation. It is a highly effective system to reduce electric bills while still maintaining the usage requirements of your business. MNS Solar Panel Builders are a reputable name in the solar industry with years of experience to speak of our competence.

Knowledgeable Engineering Team

MNS Solar Panel Builders has a skilled engineering team to take care of your Commercial Solar Installation. Our engineers are thorough in their reading of the project site. They develop a solar plan according to your energy needs and the physical capacity of your project site.
We are more than competent at developing creative models for tricky sites. All our designs and plans aimed at providing our clients with maximum energy.

In Compliance with the Local Code

Gaining and following the Local Permits is Our Job

There are a few perks of being in the solar industry for an extended period of time. One of them is that we are well familiar with the local permits and codes for solar panel installation. We take full responsibility in gaining local permits for commercial solar panel installations and also to follow the safety codes.
We assure our clients of a professional service from start till end.

Certified Professionals

Only Able and Experienced Professionals handle your Job

You are in good hands at MNS Solar Panel Builders. All our employees have valid certifications. Not only the certifications but the expertise in skill is also our guarantee. Our electricians, installers and every employee present at your site is professionally competent in his skill.

Monitoring Systems

Solar panels require a monitoring system to know precisely how much energy your system is generating for use. MNS Solar Panel Builders install high-end monitoring systems for your businesses. Our monitoring systems accurate in their reading.

We also offer our clients to allow us a connection to their solar monitoring systems. It helps us monitor your energy generation, and in case of any unfortunate break in energy supply, we have a record of your system previous performance. Our team will be in a better position to get your solar system running again. Such measures make your solar systems durable.


MNS Solar Panel Builders offer solar system maintenance services to its commercial clients. We recommend a bi-annual maintenance visit from a professional for optimum energy generation. Besides that, our company also provides maintenance for minor to major issues in solar systems.

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